Potato starch

Native potato starch

Our certified organic German processing potatoes are raw material for our BKN potato starch, our branded German starch. 100% potatoes, whithout any other ingredients or excipients in production.

Compared to other starches, potato starch has less flavor, highest water binding effect and viscosity.There are versatile applications for native potato starch in the foodindustry and foodprocessing: in bakeries for pastry-conditioning, for manufacturers of noodles or in the meat processing industrie.

Our potato starch is certified Kosher and Halal and produced on FFSC 2200 level.

Wide range of applications:
  • Best gelatinization characteristics

  • Highest maximum viscosity

  • Less artificial taste

Technique behind:

» our certified organic potatoes

» FSSC certified processing

» availability all year long