Bioland Farm

Henning Schulz

meat, vegetables

Hennings Hof has been run by the family for over 120 years. All crops are grown for agriculture. In addition to potatoes, there are also corn, beans and cereals. Henning keeps a herd of suckler cows that run freely and rearing and fattening cattle. Also a herd of Heidschnucken and sheep breeding. The animals are only in the barn for 3 months during the winter. The farm sells delicious roasts, salami, minced meat and potatoes directly from the farm or via the Internet.

Biolandhof Henning, Julia and Gosia Schulz in Zeetze

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Henning Schulz
Zeetze 3
29487 Luckau (Wendland)


Phone +49 (0)5844 34 4
Phone +49 (0)172 31 47 14 0