Bio Kartoffel Nord GmbH & Co. KG

Organic Potato Farms

From our farms to the consumers

Bio Kartoffel Nord is represented by experts in certified organic farming for now about more than 20 years.

Our corporate Farmers are settled in the German counties Niedersachsen und Sachsen-Anhalt, which is well known as one of the best areas for cultivating potatoes.

Our mission:
  • coordinate

    the cultivation from farming to the consumer

  • control

    of gentle product handling

  • guarantee

    100% quality from seed to harvest

We stand for 100 % organic


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From farm to the consumer…

Bio Kartoffel Nord coordinates cultivation and distribution of our potatoes. Because it’s in our responsibility, we can guarantee careful handling of our potatoes.

On the same professional level we cultivate for so many years our food potatoes, we manage processing in all levels from seed to final product.

Their knowledge and experience will assure you the highest levels in fresh and processed organic products such as potato starch or potato flakes in B2B, also Kosher (passover) and Halal.

That’s why we harvest and move up to more than 30.000t organic potatoes per year.