Eichenhof Farm

meat, sausages, vegetables

Jochen and his sons run the J.K. Eichenhof Zargleben. This farm has been managed by the Kulow family for more than 400 years. Strictly according to the Bioland guidelines, the farm is farmed for potatoes, vegetables, grain, sugar beets and maize. One of the most important regional partners for the grown vegetables are Völkel natural food juices in Pevestorf. Sows and pig fattening are another area. Here, too, a large part of the feed is produced on the farm. The products can be purchased under the Wendländer brand in the factory and in the web shop.

Jochen, Jakob and Johann Kulow

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Jochen Kulow
Zargleben 5
29487 Luckau (Wendland)


Phone +49 (0) 5844 1694
Phone +49 (0) 172 42 98 89 3